How to kill the complexity of maintenance and contract management?


In many industries, it is quite common for equipment owners to outsource management of all their field equipment. Often dealer provided Maintenance and repair contracts (MARC) allow equipment owners to focus on their core area of operations, be it mining or dredging. MARC’s are individualized plans customized to each customer’s operational needs. Some contracts may be complete “Managed service” contracts where contractor’s technicians’ perform all maintenance & repair on customer’s fleet.  Equipment owners can also get into ticket based support contracts where they manage maintenance and repair by themselves and seek out support only when needed. Some of contracts could be outcome based contracts, using machines customer will pay to service provider on machine up-time (Number of hours machines has run) or tonnage basis.

For all service contractor and equipment owner it is imperative to have software which brings complete transparency to field activity and proactively helps them manage the equipment.  In absence of a system, equipment owners and service contracts are left to second guessing about what it going to cost to run and manage the equipment for a said period. Other challenge that is faced is ensuring availability of right resources for maintenance, including parts, tools and technicians, without dragging maintenance downtime.  Without comprehensive software to track and respond, the forecast and budget for equipment maintenance goes wary. Availability, reliability and maintenance costs become a huge challenge.


Quest’s Maintenance and Contract (MARC) allows companies to quote and establish management contracts, schedule appropriate resources to manage contracts, bill customers accurately for services and provide analytics of maintenance contract profitability and productivity.

Quest MARC software allows companies to establish and manage maintenance contracts covering wide variety of options including multiple contract types, single or multiple customer locations or specific customer tracks or even numerous calendar intervals.

With Quest MARC software you can plan and schedule resources for a maintenance contract.  Schedules can be managed from committed time periods or reported activities, planned maintenance schedules help service contracts optimize resource utilization by ensuring right technician and parts availability. Quest MARC allows contractors to easily and quickly develop work orders for upcoming schedules which automatically appear on the dispatch schedule for resource assignments. Contractors can also view pending work for a pre-assigned activity.

Quest’s MARC software allows service contracts with several billing options including specific billing schedule, billing for completed activity or pre-purchased tokens and more.

Quest MARC software allows service contracts to undertake contract analytics. Contracts can gain insights on profitability of individual contracts, revenue from extra call, actual Vs budgeted costs of activities, etc.

With Quest MARC both equipment owners and service contracts gain an effective system to manage resources and expenses on maintenance side and have a real peace of mind.

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