You can no longer keep your ‘Bay Management’ at bay!

15 bizmen set to return high-end cars after bad service to one of them ( ) & Man Furious with BMW M6’s Faults and Bad Customer Service Smashes it at Frankfurt Show (  are only 2 reports out of 20 million+ results that Google News fetches for you when you type ‘bad service of cars’. This in itself is an indicator of the automotive customer’s melancholy, which is the result of ‘bad service’.

Can automakers risk the anger of an Quest Informatics-Service Floor Management Softwareunhappy customer in this digital age? When we know “A happy customer tells a friend & an unhappy customer tells the world” & 78% of consumers have not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience (Source: American Express Survey’11).

In most of the cases, Bad Service is the result of bad management of service bay. Only comprehensive bay management tool will be able to bring down the instances of bad service. A comprehensive Bay Management tool that you choose should perform following activities,

  1. Estimation of vehicles that can be taken by your service station for a day/week/month
  2. Efficiently planning of your work shop resources (human & Bay) and forecasting delivery time to customer & ensuring that delivery is done within promised delivery time. And should also proactively keep customer informed during instances of delay
  3. Interacts with your DMS for capturing customer, vehicle booking and Promised Completion Date (PCD) details
  4. Monitors vehicle movement inside service station in real-time, from one stage to another  like vehicle arrival, inspection, In service, In wash, interior cleaning & ready for delivery
  5. Gives instant access to customers’ service history. It also provides option to drill down to any ticket or open quote from past months or even years
  6. Uses different colors for displaying each stage for easy identification and monitoring on deviations
  7. Provides hierarchy based access control & dashboard furnishing workshop capacity
  8. Feeds your vehicle booking counter with resource availability, booked and carry over information along with current vehicle status of workshop
  9. You can update cause of a stalled/held work & alert the respective department to take necessary action
  10. Analyse activities like Planned vs Actual servicing etc for improving processes

Quest Informatics-Bay Management Software

Organizations which have implemented comprehensive Bay Management System are reaping rich dividends like,

  1. Delighted customer resulting in increased loyalty towards the brand & brings them back to you for repurchase
  2. Increases service revenue by optimizing service processes, resource utilization & by cutting down on delays
  3. Centralized system to monitor bay performance across geographies

It’s been proven umpteen number of times that, effective bay management leads to better service & better service delights customers by exceeding theirs expectations.


A customer is 4 times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service related than price or product related – Bain & Company

”Although your customers won’t love you if you give bad service, your competitors will”- Kate Zabriskie


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